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Frequently asked questions about Realforce

Yes, Realforce has provided a special plan for solo agents that allows you to develop your business at a suitable rate and an all-inclusive plan.

The Realforce CRM allows you to manage several agencies from a central account. You can, for example, choose to make properties visible to all the agencies in the group or only to one agency.

We have always believed that your data belongs to you at all times, a free module in the CRM allows you to export them in one click. The same goes for your website, it belongs to you 100%, unlike those of our competitors.

You would just need to provide Realforce with an excel or CSV file and our technicians will take care of importing all your contacts and properties into the CRM.

Yes, thanks to our API application, your developer/IT company will be able to easily connect your existing website to the Realforce CRM. Our technical support teams will be available to assist in this task.

Realforce automatically exports your selected properties to real estate portals every hour. As a paid option upon request, we can reduce this time to 10 minutes.

Yes, all your data stored in Realforce is confidential. Only your agency’s brokers have access to your properties and contacts.

It’s very simple. To switch your data to the Realforce CRM, we will ask your current CRM to send us your database in the form of computer files. Our technicians will then take care of importing your data so that you can find them identically in Realforce.

Yes, the majority of Realforce CRM functionalities are customizable technically or at the design level. Our modules can be adapted according to your specific internal functions. Simply express your requests and our technicians will provide you with a quote.

Absolutely, multilingual management is integrated into Realforce. You have the possibility to edit brochures, publish advertisements or send email campaigns in the customer’s preferred language in an automated way.

Yes. Realforce Solutions SA is a totally independent company, not affiliated with any group and 100% privately owned.

Yes, our CRM is hosted in Switzerland on the Google cloud, world leader in cloud-based software management.

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